Pads, pads & more pads…

21, August, 2010 at 8:11 pm (Full Stash Pics)

ok… finally got around to an “all stash” pic… of course I’m missing several (10?), but it’ll do.

I admit, I have some set aside for MiniObsi in a box in her wardrobe, and a bag of ones I don’t like as much but can’t bring myself to give away…. So the ones I actually use are kept in a bedside table type chest of drawers..
(Pantyliners & small pads)

(Medium length pads)

(Long pads)

(Extra long pads)

So…. what’s actually in my stash…. I photographed most of them…

Amaz Padz, Ambrosias, Angel Pads (x2), A Little Monkey Business (x2), Amy’s Rag Bag (yes, that’s a belted pad!)

Blue Faerie (weepingmoonblue)

Clair De Lune, County Cloth Creations (x3), Clara’s Cloth (x2), Clothique (x3)

Diana (swapped) and Daisy Girl (middle pad)

Ecofemme (x2), e-a-poos (x2), Essence of Eve

Glad rags, Go With The Flo (x3), Girly Bits (x4)

Homemade Mama /Homestead Emporium (x5), Honey Bee HillHag rags (x8 though I’m missing 2 more)

Joyful Living Naturals (x3), Jade Lady

Lady Tango, Luna Wolf (x2), Lunapads

Top row – Mimi’s Dreams, Modest Maiden (x5), Mommy’s Touch, MoonEase, Moon Pads (AUS)
Bottom/middle row – Modern AcornMimi’s Dreams (x5), Moon Pads (USA), Matersum

Naturally Hip, Nice Knickers, Noonee Wilga, Nature Tex, Natural Blue Cloud, Nice Knickers (now called “Flourish’)

Fussy Butt, Outrageous

Obsidian Star (my own brand)

Obsidian Star

Obsidian Star

my extras too boring and old to photograph and that I no longer use 🙂

Top row – Picanini (x7), Punky’s Pads (x 7)

Bottom row – Pleasure Puss, Platinum Panties (x2 – 2 missing), Procraftination, Pink lemonade (2 missing)

Quirky Quintessentials (x3), Yurtcraft (x 6)

Razzily Rhino (x5), Red Rag (top), Red Drop Pads, Rainbows (x6)

Sckoon (that I dyed purple), Surrender to the flow, Scarlet Moon (missng a pink heart one), Sanguine (x2)

Twinkle Lily (x5), Tamarack

Devilindisgize (x3 – missing another long one), pads from swaps

Hippie Made, Born of Nature (x2), Ditto Pads, Sassy pants (x3), Aunt Flow

Vag Pads (x2), Wemoon, Wonderfully Made, Wee Essentials, Wrigglebots (bottom)

Top row – Zen Moon (x4), Swapped pad made by Beetle Bums

Bottom row – swapped liners, Blue Moon Designs (x2)

Assorted – Ambrosias, Twinkle Lily, LilyPads, Picanini, Kayz pads, Happy Heiny, and a couple of swap pads and stuff 🙂

Typical, Brought in the laundry the day after I took all these photos and found my other Scarlet Moon pad… and realised I’d forgotten to add my Feral  Feminine Splodge pad (which I’ve been meaning to frame and put in the toilet – since it’s too special to actually use).


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  1. Neko said,

    That is one strange hobby, and those are some pretty pads you have there! Impressive collection! 🙂

    I think if I had pads like these I wouldn’t use them, wouldn’t want to get them dirty now, would we!

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