Newest pads

14, June, 2014 at 11:42 pm (New pads)

Wow, I haven’t updated for a while….

So newest pads in the collection (more or less in the order I got them):


Cotton topped & backed regular pad

From Happy Pads


Cotton topped (nylon backed) liners

From Party in my Pants


Owl is cotton topped (with different owl backing), purple tie dyed one is bamboo velour topped with black fleece backing

from Mandy Jane Creations


Purple one is minky topped, reddish one is flannelette topped

From Cozy Folk


Tie Dyed flannellette topped and backed
From Kelly Casanova


Larger one is minky topped, smaller one is bamboo velour topped.  Funnily enough I got the liner first and the pad about a year later – and they are the same fabric 😀  I do have another Clothcycle liner, but I’ve momentarily misplaced it 😦

From Clothcycle


Cotton topped, windpro fleece backed

From Fanny’s Tail Feathers


Cotton Backs


Tops. Larger 2 are minky topped, then BV then minky

From Environmenstrual


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