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21, August, 2015 at 1:34 pm (New pads)

I really should not be buying more pads – I already have too many to try and store 😛  But I can’t resist!!  Most of my new pads are interesting and unique pad shapes too…. that’s my justification 😀


Tester pad for the heart shape – This is the PUL backing, it has a  pink suedecloth top.  HandmadeByGlow


Custom order from FannysTailFeathers

Dscn6905 Dscn6906

I actually bought 2 of these, same print – I confess, I LOVE the fabric and I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I searched for a padmaker who used it and bought pads 😀 – Environmenstrualmodernclothpads


We did a swap, and I swear I ended up with the much better deal!  This beauty is a BV top which is called “Turkish Delight”, which works so well because I think the shape looks Middle Eastern. – EarthshineLuxe


Another lot of pads I bought because I loved the unique shape 😀 – scarleteveclothpads

Dscn6746 Dscn6747

Custom order pads.  Unfortunately, while it’s GORGEOUS!  I asked for a pad that snaps to 7cm wide, and this one was 9cm wide, so I knew it would be too wide for me and sold it to a friend 😦 – Mumma-Wolfs-Luna-Cloth



A pair of custom pads from a lady on Facebook, because I loved the shape so much I had to have pads in it!!





  1. Jennifer said,

    I love the heart shape pad but homemade glow does not ship to USA is there any way to buy them 😦

    • obsidian said,

      Probably not. Sorry….

      Now that the US seems to be going to enforce the need for all padmakers that sell to the US be registered – a lot of International padmakers no longer ship to the US, as the fees to become registered are very high.

      • Jennifer said,

        What that is so lame. USA always trying to make money off of people. Well I don’t blame them for not shipping here. Mmmm I guess that also means cloth pad are popular of the government is trying to get money lol
        Thank you for the information

  2. The Eco Fluffy Mama said,

    I love the Earthshine Luxe Pads. They’re just so well made and beautiful.

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